April 22

Its how we talk… five common phrases understood and spoken by true Texans.


I’m fixin ta school y’all on Texas slang. Much has been made of the unique way native Texans have of speaking. Depending on where in Texas you are from…you will have different ways of speaking.

Some words and phrases are universal though and have a basis deeply intertwined in Texan etiquette. Here are a few.

Number 1:

“Y’all” or “all Y’all”

This one is a given. All Texans, from cradle to grave, say y’all. Whether referring to a group of people or even to a single person, y’all is instantly recognized appropriate and easily recognized and accepted usage.

Number 2:

“Fixin’ ta”

This phrase indicates the speaker is contemplating getting up and doing something. It doesn’t actually mean they are going to do what they are speaking about…just that they are thinking about it. Its also a way to let people know what the plan is in the near future.

Number 3:

“Ma’am” and “Sir”

Texas children are taught from a young age to refer to any female with ‘ma’am’ and any male with ‘sir’ and if they forget will be reminded by attentive parents to correct the lapse.

Many times you can hear a mother use ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ when instructing their children. For instance: “No sir! No ma’am! Y’all ain’t bringin that muddy dog into this house. Wash him first.”

Any adult from authority figures to the man cleaning the septic tank are addressed in this manner. The use of ma’am and sir follows a Texan throughout their life.

Number 4:


Refers to the mid-day meal.


Refers to the evening meal.

Never  confuse the two. No way, no how.

Number 5:

“Over yonder.”

Any place not the spot you are standing on at the moment. Its a directional phrase that gives no real direction and is usually accompanied by a general wave of the hand or arm. It indicates you still have further to go.